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Windows Command Line Workaround

Let’s suppose you’re working at a Windows computer and you want to do something from the command prompt.  Let’s further suppose that the computer is locked down pretty well, including denying users permission to run cmd.exe and disabling use of the Run dialogue box. Continue reading


File Name Extensions

Historically, file name extensions have had different technical specifics across different file systems and different operating systems.  Today, file name extensions are essentially the last few characters of a file name after a dot. Continue reading

The terms, Internet and World Wide Web, are often used interchangeably in conversation, but they are not the same thing.

Picture if you will, a city.  Continue reading

Email Address Syntax

Chances are that on at least one occasion you have wondered about email syntax, specifically case sensitivity.  For example, you might have sent an email to your new on-line friend,, and not been sure if you needed to capitalize the C and the L.

So, are email addresses case sensitive?  The answer is, Yes but…  Here’s how it works.  Continue reading

Anatomy Of A URI (Part 1)

Have you ever gone to a website, noticed that the address bar is filled with a lot more stuff than simply, and wondered what it all meant?  That is the topic of this article. Continue reading