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ccleanerDuring the course of normal operation, it is quite common for a program to create little files for its own use.  When the program terminates, it might remove these files or it might not, depending on many factors.  Over time, these temporary files (or temp files), can accumulate in different corners of your computer and take up a fair amount of disc space.  Enter CCleaner. Continue reading


Unix tr Command

konsoleSo you’re working from the command line, and you need to do some character string manipulations.  You could use sed or awk, but if the job is not overly complex, consider using tr. Continue reading

Safe On-Line Shopping

cartI’m just going to phone it in for this post.  Actually, that’s being generous.  Rich Mogull of Securosis has written a very good post on the subject of safe on-line shopping, so i’m just going to point you there.  Good stuff, check it out.


There are many different programs available that will take a snapshot of your computer screen.  They have many different features and can be quite handy depending on your needs.  There is also a very simple one built right into Windows. Continue reading

Anatomy Of A URI (Part 2)

In Anatomy Of A URI (Part 1), we took a look at various components of a web address.  In this post, we’ll look at some of those components in greater detail. Continue reading