King's Quest I Box ArtWhat i’m posting here is a map of the Kingdom of Daventry from King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown.  The map is composed of screen-shots from the unofficial remake by AGD Interactive.

Spoiler Alert:  The original game was released more than two decades ago, so i assume if you’ve read this far, you’ve probably played and completed the game long ago.  If however, you have not, be aware that the map may give away a few things you’d rather discover on your own.

With the exception of a couple of flying cut-scenes, i believe i have included every navigable screen in the game.  Since i did not scale down the screen-shots, the map weighs in at well over 4MB.  You can view the map by clicking on the image below.  It will take a moment to load due to the large file size.  Alternatively, you can download the map, by right clicking on the image below, and selecting “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” depending on your browser.

Complete Daventry Map

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