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Pop Quiz

quizCheck out this post at  Do you see what’s wrong with the IP address?  Take a look at my previous IP Addresses post for review.


Cookie Monster

cookiemonsterThis is cute.
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IP Addresses

networkAn Internet Protocol Address is a unique identifier for machines on a network, including, obviously, the Internet.   IP addresses consist of four numbers, called octets, separated by dots.  Continue reading

filterThe strings utility is used to extract printable strings from binary files.  This can often provide insight into a particular file, as well as yielding a fair amount of gobbledygook. Continue reading

Fluxbox Menu Icons

fluxboxAdding Fluxbox menu icons is easy.  Icons are usually not included in menu entries out of the box, but support for them usually is.  In this post, i’ll outline three simple steps required for adding icons to your Fluxbox menu.  OK, let’s get at it. Continue reading