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This Link Kills Spam


Clever idea.  I wonder if it actually has the desired effect.

This Link Kills Spam

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419 Scams

No419The 419 Scam, or Advance Fee Fraud, has actually been around for quite some time, but has become more prevalent with the advent of the Internet.

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Email Privacy (Continued)

If you have not done so already, read this quick post and its comments to bring you up to speed.  In the comments, i gave a few scenarios where your email could be read by persons other than the intended recipient.  What i did not talk about was your Internet Service Provider.  All of your Internet traffic goes through your ISP.  Consequently, they can see everything that is not encrypted, Continue reading

Email Privacy

Smtp is a plain text protocol .  What does that mean?  It means the actual emails you send are about as private as a postcard.  The sender, the recipient, and the message itself are all plainly visible to anyone who comes in contact with it. Continue reading

Email Address Syntax

Chances are that on at least one occasion you have wondered about email syntax, specifically case sensitivity.  For example, you might have sent an email to your new on-line friend,, and not been sure if you needed to capitalize the C and the L.

So, are email addresses case sensitive?  The answer is, Yes but…  Here’s how it works.  Continue reading