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Captcha WTF

Oh c’mon! Seriously?

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Slash vs. Backslash

Which is which? Here’s a way to remember. The backslash leans backward. The slash leans forward. There is no “forward slash.” When it’s in a web address, it’s a slash. I don’t care what the guy on the radio or TV said. Whoever wrote the ad copy is incorrect. Continue reading

Comment Spam

What is comment spam? This post provides a nice explanation. Essentially, someone or, more likely, someone’s web crawling robot posts a comment to a blog or forum. The comment may be gibber jabber or it may be some hollow compliment, but it has nothing to do with the article or discussion. The point is simply to post a link, or multiple links, to a particular website. Check out Wikipedia’s Spam in blogs article or this Wired article for more on the phenomenon. Continue reading

Email Privacy (Continued)

If you have not done so already, read this quick post and its comments to bring you up to speed.  In the comments, i gave a few scenarios where your email could be read by persons other than the intended recipient.  What i did not talk about was your Internet Service Provider.  All of your Internet traffic goes through your ISP.  Consequently, they can see everything that is not encrypted, Continue reading

Email Privacy

Smtp is a plain text protocol .  What does that mean?  It means the actual emails you send are about as private as a postcard.  The sender, the recipient, and the message itself are all plainly visible to anyone who comes in contact with it. Continue reading