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Here are some tips I put together as I was installing Fedora 13 on VirtualBox. They should apply across most platforms but for the record my my specific setup is Fedora 13 KDE Spin (32-bit) installed on VirtualBox 3.2 running on Windows 7 (64-bit). Your millage may vary. Continue reading

Three Quick Linux Tips

TuxIn this post I’m going to point you to three quick and useful Linux tips from three different blogs.  I encourage you to have a look around at each blog and if you like what you see, subscribe.  There is a massive amount of excellent content at each one.  OK, let’s get to it. Continue reading

Command Line Kung Fu

Kung FuJust a quick post here to let you know about a new blog called Command Line Kung Fu.

From the blog:

This blog will include fun, useful, interesting, security related, non-security related, tips, and tricks associated with the command line. It will include OS X, Linux, and even Windows!

Generally, one of the contributors will kick things off with a particular idea.  Then other contributors will weigh in with comments and ways to accomplish the same thing on other platforms.  So far, it’s shaping up to be pretty cool.  Check it out.

filterThe strings utility is used to extract printable strings from binary files.  This can often provide insight into a particular file, as well as yielding a fair amount of gobbledygook. Continue reading

Fluxbox Menu Icons

fluxboxAdding Fluxbox menu icons is easy.  Icons are usually not included in menu entries out of the box, but support for them usually is.  In this post, i’ll outline three simple steps required for adding icons to your Fluxbox menu.  OK, let’s get at it. Continue reading