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BEGIN {i=1}
{ printf("%s %s\n", i, $0)
i = i + 1

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group_usersHow can you obtain a list of the email addresses in a distribution list?  If your version of Exchange does not have this functionality built-in, you can use one of the following options.
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When using cmd.exe, you can put multiple commands on the same line by using ‘&’ or ‘&&’ between commands.  Using a single ampersand (&) will cause the first command and then the second command to be run in sequence.  Using double ampersands (&&) introduces error checking.  The second command will run only if the first command is successful.
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The %~dp0 Variable

The %~dp0 (that’s a zero) variable when referenced within a Windows batch file will expand to the drive letter and path of that batch file.
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Windows Command Line Workaround

Let’s suppose you’re working at a Windows computer and you want to do something from the command prompt.  Let’s further suppose that the computer is locked down pretty well, including denying users permission to run cmd.exe and disabling use of the Run dialogue box. Continue reading